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From the Message Boards

The 2003 FSU-Florida game is in the history books, and Lane Fenner is laughing. The Gator Nation thinks it was robbed by the refs, and FSU homers will of course argue. Why even try and defend the Gator side of things, when the WHOLE NATION is on our side? What follows is a an indicative summary of news, talk, and opinion from around the nation.

From message boards around the nation during the game:

Auburn, Clemson, Iowa, Miami, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina:, Oklahoma, Penn State, Texas, Texas A & M, and Tennessee.

Of course, Swampgas has so many threads on this that we can't link them all.

Game Coverage

This section is on the game coverage. There is a follow-up section regarding the response from UF Athletic Directory Jeremy Foley and the ACC.

Also, there are articles covering that Foley wants changes made the UF/FSU contract when it is renewed after next yaer. Currently, the visiting team's conference sends their conference refs to the opponent's home field.

Jeremy Foley's follow-up to the ACC

Jeremy Foley has followed up with the ACC, and he's happy with the closure he received. The ACC acknowledged that there were bad calls; but so far, there is no known punishment for the officiating crew of the UF/FSU game of 2003.

From a War Eagle:

Geez guys..

I have NEVER...I mean...NEVER....seen a screw job like you guys got this evening.

That was some of the most blatantly HORRIBLE "officiating" I have ever witnessed. There were 10 Auburn Tigers...4 of which are not the biggest Gator the room...cheering like crazy for UF to overcome both the Criminoles AND the Zebras.

In my guys won. Same with 99.9% of the non-FSU free world.

My condolences. WAR EAGLE!

From a Marshall fan:

Marshall had a series offered with FSU. Pruett said sure as long as we can bring our refs. He added we will NEVER play a game again with ACC refs. In 1999, Pennington had to overcome 60 yards of PHANTOM penalties in our last drive to beat Clemson 13-10 1991, Marshall led undefeated and highly ranked NC ST 14-3 late in the 4th. The ACC refs took over and beat MU 15-14. Jim Donnan kicked the end zone pylons across the field and vowed he would never play at an ACC stadium again.

2000, Marshall got " ACCed again" at North Carolina 20-15. MU ran a fumble back for the winning td after a catch and three steps by a UNC wr before he fumbled. ACC refs call it back said he didn't have control of the pass. Pruett sent the film with 9 horrendous calls that screwed the Herd out of the win. The ACC office said, your right, we are so sorry.

Now, I sat and witnessed what I never dreamed I would EVER see at Florida. The ACC refs have stolen a game in front of a Prime Time National Audience not a 1-AA or MAC team on the road at an ACC school!Foley needs to follow Pruett and demand NEVER again to play with ACC refs in the series. I would think a Big 10 or Big East crew for a rivalry with national implications like UF/FSU would be a better way to do it.I saw UF get 4 fumbles and have them taken away by refs while UF was clearly down and FSU is allowed to score a TD off a NO Fumble. Inexcusable IMHO.In the 20s and 30s , the old " Homer" was a standard before TV and instant replays etc......but I can't beleive what I witnessed yesterday at the Swamp.

From a coach at a Florida High School Football Powerhouse:

". . . my H.S. football team is undefeated and in the H.S. playoffs. We have at least 6 D-1 players on our team including a RB that runs a 4.3 40 yd. dash and has rushed for over 2,500 yds. so far this season. What this means is our practices have an audience of the nations top football programs coaches. I know a lot of these coaches well and all everyone talked about was the hose job the ACC officials put on UF. Two of these comments came from ACC schools whom I won't mention. Every one of these recruiters was embarrassed for college football."

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